Foreign bodies, Chapter 5 (based on events in season 2 premiere)

"I think you liked it," Sarah said, her eyes fixed on Delphine. "And I just wanted to hear you say it."

Delphine grabbed the bottle and lifted it to her mouth. In a sad attempt to be graceful, she accidentally sent the liquid dribbling down her chin and onto her white tank top. Her tongue wandered over her lips, lapping up what it could.

"How would you even know?" Delphine asked. "You pulled away fast enough."

Sarah watched a drop of whiskey snake its way down Delphine’s neck, raising chills on her skin in its path.

"That’s because—unlike you—I was fully aware of who I was kissing. And I wanted out."

Sarah reached across the floor to grab the bottle from between Delphine’s straddled legs. She tasted Delphine on its rim—her waxy chapstick, her smoky breath. She let the whiskey slide down her throat and warm the cold that had been numbing her insides.

"When did you realize it was me?" she asked. "Seriously."

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